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Welcome to Putnam Valley Farms  We are an Artisan Micro-Bakery and Micro-Farm located in the beautiful Putnam county hudson valley area.

Our focus and love is bread made with four simple ingredients using an old world process which takes 24-48 hours from start to finish.

Our sourdough mother comes from the Compagna region of Italy right outside of Naples and has been in my family for multiple generations. 

Sourdough is made using a natural leaven, in our case a portion of dough saved from a previous batch  which is then used in the next batch. This process allows for a wake of flavors that cannot be found in store bought bread or bread which is made in a very short period of time. By using a longer fermentation process and a natural leaven, wheat breads are easier for our bodies to digest. 

I offer a variety of breads using this old world method. There is something for everyone, from breads like semolina and multigrain to European style rye, perfect with sauces, soups or to enjoy as a sandwich, to sweeter sourdough with chocolate and hazelnuts, yes you read right chocolate in sourdough, it’s a must try, perfect for a hearty French toast or just enjoy with a dab of butter.

My Bread is all made with a combination of multiple flours and grains, we use flour which is never bleached or bromated, and we dont need chemicals or preservatives to make bread which tastes great and stays fresh multiple days.

Sourdough breads freeze very well, they can be thawed slowly on a counter or my personal favorite into your home oven right from the freezer for that right out of the oven taste giving you a crispy crust and wonderful moist crumb.

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Dont forget that we are also a Micro_Farm so we sell farm fresh eggs from our free range chickens. We also have limited peking duck eggs for sale, they taste fantastic and make some of the best cakes due to thier excellent leaveaning power. We raise a limited quantity of rabbits for those who enjoy a great lean meat and are tired of chicken.